Jump Manual Review

Jump Manual: Guide on How to Improve Personal Vertical Leap to a Desired Level


The Jump Manual contains explanation of theories that teaches athletes different ways on how to improve their performance, how to utilize their body`s full potential to stoke vertical jumps and improving muscle quality which provides power enhancing a high push when jumping vertically. Also contained in the manual is the possible better diet which would promote muscular repair while training and improve muscles development. With the help of scientific understanding on what it takes to enhance to performance of the body, the Jump Manual aims at enhancing personal athletic ability.

The manual enlightens the user on the different factors affecting the sports personality performance such like diet nutrition which enhances the proper growth and development of the muscles as well as assisting the training body to recover very fast after the end of each exercise period. A trainee who strictly follows Jump Manual program will finally have a good understanding on the various aspects that come into play when topping the sports performance; things like nutrition form and training comes into consideration.

Does Jump Manual Really Work

About the creator/author

The author, Jacob Hiller, is the designer of the manual and has become popular in the field of fueling vertical jump. On his name, he possesses numerous credentials making him the best expert when it comes to vertical height jump trainer. Besides credentials, he has vast experience on training athlete of the tender age. He has trained all kinds of athletes from high school level, college students, and NBA superstars to Olympic athletes and helped almost all athletes who he dealt with achieve a vertical height of forty inches. For over a decade before developing his manual, he has been intensively doing research to come with this amazing Jump Manual.

The Jump Manual Review

The Jump Manual assists you as an athlete to learn the relevant training techniques to increase your jumping abilities. The manual doesn’t only teach you jumping techniques but also you will come to learn the synergy of training, diet, proper form and other fields which will combine different exercise effects alone to bring the ultimate improvement in your vertical jump. As an athlete you will learn various muscle training packed in the manual.

How To Jump HigherThe Jump Manual program is scientifically based and increases athletic abilities to gain an optimum vertical jump. Also in the program there is a thirty days of free consultation with Jacob the author happening one on one. No any other jumping manuals offer this; get your queries answered instantly and personally. The format of Jump Manual include interviews from sports professionals, NBA coaches, training vocabulary, training forums and form enhancement, interview with peak performance psychologists Dr. Patrick among others.

The Jump Manual training guide also includes a complete workout program chart, eBook, and training video library, precise nutrition plan, alternative for a weight room, one-on-one training with the expert and so much more. The program is a complete exercise regime; there is nothing left out which might prove to be helpful in improving your vertical jump ability. Just from the nutrition to exercising, personal questions and elaborate program in workout.

While this manual is undoubtedly targeting basketball stars, but now the whole sport family can greatly benefit from its expertise; volleyball players and others who enjoys variety of sporting actions irrespective of their age. It suits all kind of individuals right from small kids who are just beginning to have sports interest to those who had already achieved a vertical height of forty inches so long as one is fit enough can just use and follow the Jump Manual training. To those who want to start dunking this is the program for you.

The manual greatly help athletes to develop their training techniques towards improving the size of the vertical jump as it aims at all aspects of vertical explosion. There are nine different approaches towards achieving the final training on vertical jump, and only the Jump Manual program covers all of them unlike other competitors training program common in the market which cites and covers only two, three or up to the maximum of four of the approaches.

Further benefits:
  • Instant pdf form download
  • It comes with a 60 days money back guarantee if you are not pleased with the product
  • Takes a short time of 2-4 weeks to realize a tangible outcome
  • The Jump Manual is created by a professional at a level that even armatures find it easy to understand, follow and use effectively.
  • The chances of injuries are reduced due its intensive involvement in correct physical training and nutritional aspects.
  • It’s suitable for every race, creed, age, color or from any imaginable background.
  • The program has a twenty-four hour email support
  • The program leave nothing out for to you to guess at
Is Jump Manual a Scam


So far, an individual can confidently state that the Jump Manual is probably the most complete vertical jump learning program ever created. If you are interested to know much on how to jump higher, probably, the information and training included in the system will massively bring benefit to you. There are also a quite number of testimonials from all different kind of people on the manual`s site who have had a successful result using the Jump Manual program. With the program, you will come to know and learn a lot which didn’t even cross your mind about jumping vertically to achieve the optimum outcome.

One of the greatest advantages that set this particular program apart is the fact that there is an opportunity to have a personal training with Jacob Hiller himself. You can also reach him personally for more information and explanation through Skype and an option to email him for further assistance and clarifications.

From a complete rookie to the Olympiads superstars, the Jump Manual program is here to assist you realize your goal of making vertical jumps beyond the limit you have ever dreamt of. So, if you are a serious athlete who is eager to improve personal vertical jump regardless of the sporting activity you are indulged in and ready to focus on the vertical leap improvement, the Jump Manual is the program which suits you. Jump Manual is a complete package which will help you improve your jump and build muscles without any fear thus it is the program recommended for athletes who knows what they want to achieve.